Friday, February 5, 2016

2016, Say Hello to Glitter Freckles.

First there were glitter roots, then glitter beards, glitter pits, and now? Glitter Freckles.

These glam freckles evolved from the painted on rainbow freckle look. Definitely prettier to look at than the glitter pit trend and  easier to do than glitter roots. Pretty surprising since glitter roots were anything but strenuous. What do you need? Vaseline and glitter. That's IT. Spread some Vaseline across your face and sprinkle as much glitter as you want. 

You'll definitely appreciate the easy cleanup compared to the glitter in body hair trends of 2015. All you'll need is a little bit of makeup remover (we recommend the wipes), and you'll be glitter free! The beauty is that because the glitter is in the Vaseline and not directly on your skin it's much easier on the removal process.

All you'll need to do is decide what types and colors of glitters you'll want to use. Metallic glitter powder freckles are sure to match any outfit and simple enough to not overwhelm. Of course if you really want to turn heads why not go with a neon hexagon? We can't help but want to see some brave soul pulling the glitter root, beard and freckles together in one look! Can you imagine that picture?? We sure can ;).



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