Thursday, August 13, 2015

Polish Topped Glitter Nails

You can find plenty of polished nails with glitter designs on top, but you can also find glitter nails with polish designs. Both are eye popping looks, just a little different when it comes to execution. Starting with a base of glitter and then adding on a polish design is the simpler of the methods. Grab your glitter and some nail tape and let's get started!

What You'll Need:

  • Glitter
  • Sealing formula
  • Bonding formula
  • Frankening supplies (if making your own glitter polish)
  • Orange sticks
  • Nail tape
  • Nail polish
  • Tooth picks

Aren't you just dying over this dinosaur glitter mani? We've never fallen so hard over a silver glitter nail art design before! Here are some pretty simple tips on how to recreate this one:
  • Start with glitter. You can either make your glitter nails by applying directly to the nail bed, or you can create a glitter polish and apply it as a polish. Creating your own polish by frankening will take a little more effort than by applying glitter directly to your nails, but it's tons of fun to make your own glitter polish!
  • Make sure you use a good amount of the sealing formula to create a smooth surface to paint onto.
  • Use nail tape to create your triangular designs and paint them with the color of your choice.
  • Use tooth picks with polish to draw on your dinosaurs.
  • Apply a top coat.

Sailor Moon glitter nails aren't just for the pros. Once you have the glitter mani mastered, you're on your way to fun designs like this one.

  • Follow the instructions as shown above to create your glitter mani. You can use glitter powder as shown in the picture, or you can use any different type of glitter you could think of.
  • Use a tooth pick to create the stars as shown.
  • Nail tape can be used to create the moon and woman shapes. 
  • Apply a top coat once your designs are complete.
Now check out the looks below for even more inspiration. Make sure you share your personal creations with us, we love sharing work!

Silver hexagon glitter nails with black hexagon designs to top!#silver #hexagon #glitter

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