Friday, October 3, 2014

Feature Friday

We're not surprised at all that a Disney themed manicure made the list. And with an addition of some beautiful purple glitter powder, it's no wonder this Ursula nail art is so popular! Doesn't that purple glitter really set this Disney mani apart from the others?

Fall nail art is the big trend we can always rely on this time of year. After a season of sunny bright colors, it's nice to see some reds and greens! We absolutely love this Fall tree nail art design, but can't help but imagine it with some glitter powder.

Even a simple single color of polish can win over a crowd! Let's be honest though, the silver hexagon and powder glitter definitely helped. Anyone can spice up a simple mani with a touch of glitter and look like a pro!

We had to share our most popular Halloween movie mani! Who can be surprised that Hocus Pocus won the title?

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