Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What Do You Know About Flitter Glitter?

There’s more to think about when picking your glitter than what color you want. Now don’t get me wrong, you have to love the color of your glitter to give yourself
the perfect manicure, but before thinking color think style and type. Hexagon?
Flitter? Fine Powder? Square? There are so many to choose from, it’s overwhelming!

Let’s start with flitter today and why you can never go wrong with flitter nails.
It captures the light in a way other glitters can’t.
There’s just no comparison if you’re looking to blind a few eyes with your nails!

The shape and length of the flitter makes a perfect surface to grab and reflect light.
Something you just can’t get from your fine powder glitter. With flitter on your nails you get a kind of texture that's very different from any other
glitter. While a powder will give you a grainy look, with flitter you’ll get more of a fuzy look. Kind of like putting a sweater on your nails.

It’s the long strands that
make this glitter look and feel completely unique from any other kind.

You can use it in just as many ways as the other glitter types.
Covered in flitter. Half dipped in flitter. Whatever your style, you can pull it off with
some flitter. Get creative, try new looks, and have fun with your glitter! Make stripes
with your flitter glitter, zig zags, or even go half covered and half uncovered. 

possibilities are limitless. And of course you can do this with any glitter type, but
flitter will give you a look and texture the others can’t!

Check out our beautiful flitter glitters here!


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