Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Use Custom Mixed Glitter?

Custom Mixed Glitter 

You know we are all about glitter here at Glitties. We sell every type of glitter out there; solvent resistant glitter, holographic glitter, bulk glitter and more. Did you know that we also create and sell our very own custom mixed glitters as well? Have you ever wondered why in the world anyone would get them?

What is a custom mixed glitter? 
Glitties custom glitter mixes are a blend of 3 to 8 different glitters in various sizes, colors, and finishes. Creating your own custom glitter mix is creative and fun! Your mix can be comprised of gorgeous shiny metallic and holographic glitters, vibrant matte and iridescent glitter, or any other combination you can think of!

 Why buy or make a custom glitter mix instead of a store-bought polish? 
The primary benefit of making or buying a custom blended glitter mix is for versatility! If you love to wear a certain glitter mix and prefer long lasting gel on your toes but like to change up your manicure more frequently with glitter nail polish, use a glitter mix! You can make your own glitter polish, and still have your mix left over to use with acrylic powder or gel polish - you can't get that kind of freedom with a store-bought nail lacquer!

The other great reason to make a custom glitter mix is, it's fun! It's another creative way for you to express yourself, and impress your friends with your completely unique and exclusive glitter and nail polish!

Make Your Own Custom Mixed Glitter!

What type of glitter should I use to create a custom mix?

If you use solvent resistant glitters to make your custom mix then it can be placed directly into nail lacquer like Glitties Franken Formula, as well as with acrylic powder and gel polish.

If you decide you love a mix full of glitters that aren't solvent resistant, that's okay too! Non-solvent resistant glitters are still gorgeous and versatile for acrylic or gel nails!

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when you create your own custom mixed glitter: 

1. Using the right tools to create your custom mixed glitters will help you avoid a huge mess, wasted money, and frustration! Consider using an empty jar, measuring spoons, and an orange stick.

2. If you're just beginning, using this color wheel will help you figure out what color of glitters you might want to mix together!
  • Picking your focal point glitter, is the easiest way to begin. Pick a glitter with a color and shape that you really want to make pop or create the whole mix around.
  • Colors next to each other on the color wheel is always a fun safe way to create a custom glitter mix that looks great.
  • Using colors opposite of each other on the color wheel, if used in the wrong proportions/sizes might make the mix look brown or muddled and grey.
3. Mix away! You can't go wrong, your mix is whatever you want it to be!
 Get your own custom mixed glitters from Glitties here!

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