Friday, April 8, 2016

Make Your Own Edible Glitter

It's a well known fact, "some girls are just born with glitter in their veins". If this rings true for you, then there's really no surface you haven't thought of sprinkling a little glitter on.

And when you run out of surfaces to glam up, it's time to think outside the box. What's outside that box? Food, of course! Now you don't have to put up with boring food anymore with edible glitter. We found two great recipes you can try depending on what type of glitter you think would provide the best shimmer to your dessert.

For an edible glitter powder:

  1. Pour desired amount of sugar in mixing bowl.
  2. Add food coloring of your choice.
  3. Line baking pan with tin foil and spread colored sugar on tin foil.
  4. Bake for 5 minutes, then break up any formed chunks of sugar.
  5. Bake for another 5 minutes.
  6. Glitter up your treats!

For an edible glitter flake:

  1. Put 3 TBS of cold water in microwavable bowl.
  2. EVENLY sprinkle 1 TBS of gelatin over water. Don't mix the gelatin with water and don't pour the gelatin in.
  3. Microwave for 20-30 seconds, 10 seconds at a time.
  4. If a white foam gathers at the top, scrape it off with a spoon.
  5. Mix in food coloring of your choice.
  6. Pour mixture onto a mat. Mats of different textures create different glitter flake looks!
  7. Practice patience and let it stand for 6-10 hours.
  8. Cut the dried sheets into smaller pieces.
  9. Grind your cut pieces to desired size. A coffee grinder would work great for this step.
  10. Create your edible glitter masterpieces!

After successfully making your gorgeous melt-in-your-mouth glitter, all you have to decide is what delicious dishes to put it on. We've gathered some of our favorite glitter covered creations that will hopefully spark your creative genius. Break out the baking sheets!

Friday, February 5, 2016

2016, Say Hello to Glitter Freckles.

First there were glitter roots, then glitter beards, glitter pits, and now? Glitter Freckles.

These glam freckles evolved from the painted on rainbow freckle look. Definitely prettier to look at than the glitter pit trend and  easier to do than glitter roots. Pretty surprising since glitter roots were anything but strenuous. What do you need? Vaseline and glitter. That's IT. Spread some Vaseline across your face and sprinkle as much glitter as you want. 

You'll definitely appreciate the easy cleanup compared to the glitter in body hair trends of 2015. All you'll need is a little bit of makeup remover (we recommend the wipes), and you'll be glitter free! The beauty is that because the glitter is in the Vaseline and not directly on your skin it's much easier on the removal process.

All you'll need to do is decide what types and colors of glitters you'll want to use. Metallic glitter powder freckles are sure to match any outfit and simple enough to not overwhelm. Of course if you really want to turn heads why not go with a neon hexagon? We can't help but want to see some brave soul pulling the glitter root, beard and freckles together in one look! Can you imagine that picture?? We sure can ;).



Friday, December 4, 2015

Glitter Brows Are Here For The Holidays

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The winter holiday season brings us so much to love. Sweaters, snows, knitted beanies, parties, cookies, and plenty of opportunities to use up your glitter is what you can expect.

One way you can use that glitter is with this suddenly popular glitter trend: glitter brows. This is the ladies' answer to the glitter beard and glitter pits. Please don't put glitter on your pits. PLEASE! Glitter brows will make you stand out at your holiday parties without going over the top.

So if you're one of the many who believes glitter can make anything better, we've got some tips for you to create your own glitter brow look!

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Eye shadow brushes
  • Cosmetic grade glitter
  • Glitter base/eyebrow gel
  • You can also use an eyebrow pencil for more color, or you can keep some of the natural brow without any pencil.

Glitter Your Brows:
  1. Apply the glitter base to your eyebrows. If you're using a pencil it will make a good base for your glitter.
  2. Dip your brush into your glitter. You're going to want A LOT of glitter on your brush. (We recommend choosing metallics and reds for your glitter color. It's pretty much perfect for any holiday party.)
  3. Apply as much or as little glitter as you want to your brows.
That's all it takes! Now you can decide what color eye shadow you want to match!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Glitter Roots: The "Can't Make it to The Salon" Solution

There's a new and unexpected trend this fall. Stemming from the lazy girl's need to cover up those fast growing roots, this look has now turned into a fashion statement. This isn't the trend for you if you're looking for just a touch of glitter, in fact just the opposite. You better love glitter. And LOTS of glitter.

The best part of the glitter roots look? It's easy. Have some glitter? How about some hair gel? Then you've got everything you need to make your own glitter roots! Just in case you're still hesitant, let us take it step by step for you.
  1. Brush out your hair. When adding glitter to your roots, the last thing you want to deal with are tangles. Trust us.
  2. Part your hair. Parting down the middle seems to be the most popular.
  3. Mix glitter in your hair gel.
  4. Apply to roots with a brush.
  5. You're all set and ready to go!

With the holiday season here you will have plenty of opportunities at holiday parties, family get togethers, and movie premiers to rock your glitter roots.  We can totally see this trend making a debut at the new Hunger Games and Star Wars premiers, can't you? With the increasing popularity, you probably won't be the only one with some sparkle in your hair ;).

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So is this the kind of trend you'll be trying this season? What occasion do you think it's perfect for? Share your creations with us and tell us what you think below in the comment section! In the meantime, check out the below glitter roots for some inspiration :).

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Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Ways To Add Some Glitter To Your Cheetah Print

Nothing says fierce quite like a cheetah print does. It's a wild yet classy trend that has been loved for decades and will continue to be for decades more. When everyone seems to be sporting this timeless look, how do you make it different to set yourself apart? Glitter. Make your standout animal print stand out even more with either a touch or a mountain of sparkle!  

This chic and fashion forward mani has a beautifully balanced combo of polka dots and cheetah print. With everything happening in this look, the cheetah print has more presence because of the glitter it sits on. Without the glitter it would just blend in with every other nail. That would be boring, wouldn't it?

So how do you create a stunning cheetah print glitter nail like this? It's pretty simple actually:

  • Apply bonding formula to your nail.
  • Sprinkle a liberal amount of glitter on your nail over a piece of card stock.
  • Apply Sealing formula and allow to dry for 3-5 minutes.
  • Apply second coat of Sealing Formula and allow to dry.
  • Use the nail polish of your choice to paint your cheetah print on your glitter nail.

Now how about a cheetah print glitter eye? This is definitely the type of eye makeup look that will turn some heads! For this DIY make sure you use COSMETIC glitter! We can't stress that enough! Nail glitter and especially craft glitter will irritate you skin. Trust us, you're going to want cosmetic glitter.
  • Apply your eyeliner.
  • Apply color of eye shadow you like. We recommend using a creme based eye shadow so you can apply your glitter to the shadow. Applying your glitter directly to your skin will cause irritation.
  • Apply glitter.
  • Use your eyeliner to draw your cheetah print.

Cheetah print glitter shoes! Is there anything more desirable on this planet?! We don't think so! This one is pretty easy to make, all you need is a pair of cheetah print shoes, mod podge, tape, and glitter! Use any color of glitter you like. The gold glitter used with these shoes is a great match!
  • Tape off section of shoes you want to glitter.
  • Brush on even coat of mod podge.
  • Apply glitter.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Take off tape.

So basically you can add glitter to just about anything with a little bit of mod podge :). Remember the key is to use an even coat for the right texture and look. Who doesn't want a glitter cheetah print glass to go with dinner?

More proof that mod podge and glitter reign supreme:

Now that you have lots of great ideas, go start some glitter/cheetah print creations! And share them with us of course!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Things You Can Do With Glitter

Need a little extra sparkle in your life? Do you go by the motto "everything's better with glitter"? There's a lot more you can do with glitter than you would think! Glitter nails, glitter shoes, glitter pumpkins, glitter lipstick, we could go on and on.

Grab your pumpkins it's time to get your home ready for fall while not giving up your glam lifestyle! For the glitter DIY you're going to need a pumpkin, some glitter, and mod podge.
  • Wipe down your pumpkin and make sure it has a clean surface.
  • Use a paintbrush to apply mod podge to the pumpkin in any shape or design you want.
  • Liberally sprinkle your glitter onto the pumpkin.
  • Wipe excess glitter off of the pumpkin so you are left with your desired glitter design.
  • Enjoy!

Another example of why mod podge and glitter make a greater pair than peanut butter and jelly! After you watch this video, you're going to wanna glitter up your sneakers. Trust us. What'll you need? Just some sneakers, mod podge, tape, and glitter!
  • Tape off parts of the shoe you don't want covered in glitter
  • Apply mod podge.
  • Cover in glitter.
  • You're all set!
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Now that you've got the shoes, what about some accessories? These glitter earrings are a little more complicated, but well worth the time! For this one you'll need earring supplies (charms and hooks) as well as extra fine glitter and decoupage.
  • Spread decoupage in the charms of the earrings.
  • Pour in your extra fine glitter powder.
  • Add another layer of decoupage to seal the glitter.
  • Let dry.
Glitter lipstick is another popular glitter trend. You can go to the store and hunt down the exact shade of glitter lipstick you want, but if you make your own you can have any color combo you can imagine. The lipstick glitter video above will show you how to take your favorite lipstick color and simply add your favorite glitter for a killer look!

If you're into the whole mason jar fad then this glitter DIY is for you. And did we mention it's ridiculously easy to make? You'll need four things: glitter, mod podge, a mson jar, and tape.

  • Tape off section of jar you want to glitter.
  • Apply mod podge.
  • Apply glitter.
Super easy! Feel free to break from the mason jar mold and try bottles, mugs, etc.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. You can do so much more with your glitter. Who would've thought glitter could be so versatile? Give these ideas a try and share your creations with us!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Using Glitter Powder and Hexagons Together

We've talked about hexagon glitter manicures, but what about hexagon with glitter powder? You should never have to choose between your favorite powder and hexagon! Combining the two creates an awe inspiring texture. Take a look at our favorite hexagon and powder mixed looks and how to make them yourself.

Here's a beautiful brown gradient mani with a combo of hexagons and glitter powder. We're loving this one because it's the perfect color for the upcoming fall season!

All You'll Need:

  • Hexagon glitter
  • Glitter powder
  • Different shades of brown polish
  • Blending sponge
  • Sealing and Bonding Formula

We're head over heels for this cheetah print made with glitter powder! Lots of cheetah print has been done, but we've never seen glitter used to create it. 

All You'll Need:

  • Hexagon glitter
  • Glitter powder
  • Polish of your choice
  • Blending sponge if you choose to create a gradient
  • Sealing and Bonding Formula
  • Charm (if you choose to)

For our final favorite of the week, we have silver glitter used on this popping purple mani! Glitter powder and hexagons are separated on different nails. Have to admit, this look is pretty cool to look at.

All You'll Need:

  • Silver hexagon glitter
  • Silver glitter powder
  • Purple polish (or any color you prefer)
  • Silver polish
  • Nail tape to create the checkerboard nail
  • Sealing and bonding formula
Below are some more looks that we just couldn't bring ourselves to leave out this week!

This blue geometric #mani looks great with silver #hexagonglitter!#silverglitter

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