Friday, February 27, 2015

Feature Friday: Disney Inspired Nail Art

This week's Feature Friday goes out to all you Disney Lovers, and we know there's a lot of you! We've gathered up some of the best Disney inspired nail art designs for you to covet. Which of these magical manicures is your favorite?
Mickey Mouse with polka dots? Yes please! This is the perfect Disney mani for those "classic" Disney fans.
Okay, how can you not fall head over heels for this absolutely stunning Beauty and The Beast nail art design? Don't forget to show some love for that metallic hexagon glitter included! Perfect, perfect, perfect!
Of course we have to include Frozen nails! We'd be crazy not to share a mani inspired by one of the best selling Disney movies to date!

This Winnie The Pooh nail art is pretty much the cutest thing we've seen! Can't go wrong with that honey comb detailing either :)

What little girl didn't wish she was Ariel at one point? If you can relate we're sure this Little Mermaid mani is bound to be your fav! You definitely can't go wrong with a little blue glitter powder either! All of these Disney nail art designs are so awe inspiring, how can you choose a favorite?! Let us know what you think!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Feature Friday

We're not surprised at all that a Disney themed manicure made the list. And with an addition of some beautiful purple glitter powder, it's no wonder this Ursula nail art is so popular! Doesn't that purple glitter really set this Disney mani apart from the others?

Fall nail art is the big trend we can always rely on this time of year. After a season of sunny bright colors, it's nice to see some reds and greens! We absolutely love this Fall tree nail art design, but can't help but imagine it with some glitter powder.

Even a simple single color of polish can win over a crowd! Let's be honest though, the silver hexagon and powder glitter definitely helped. Anyone can spice up a simple mani with a touch of glitter and look like a pro!

We had to share our most popular Halloween movie mani! Who can be surprised that Hocus Pocus won the title?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Feature Friday!

Now this mani was one of our absolute favorites of the week! We see so many soft and sweet nail art looks that it's a real treat when we see something completely bold and dangerous! If this mani isn't scary good, then who knows what is? The brilliant use of holographic silver hexagon glitter makes it even more bold. We're happy to see plenty of holographic glitter this week!

We don't often see nail art completely without polish. When polish is absent, typically glitter is present, but of course this mani is a completely fun surprise! While this look probably isn't the funnest to create, looking at it is a blast.

Of all the glitter we see used in nail art, glitter powder is by far a nail artist's favorite. This silver glitter powder looks absolutely beautiful against this black sleek polished mani. It's always great to see the contrast of glitter against polish taken further with color.

Silver glitter powder used in a brilliant chevron styled mani. Chevrons are one of the biggest nail art trends that will probably last a lifetime. And as always, it's great to see these trends enhanced with a silver holographic glitter powder. What is it about glitter that makes any mani better?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Feature Friday!

Check out our favorite nail art from the past week! Which of these awesome nail designs are you in love with?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Manicure Monday

Happy Monday! 

Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend! Here is a recap of the best nail art from this last week, we know you'll love it! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Favorite July 4th Glitter Ideas!

We were expecting to see some pretty great things this 4th of July season, and we were anything but disappointed! From nail art to crafts, we saw glitter used in amazing ways to show our country some love!
This 4th of July themed mani has a beautifully crafted American flag made of red, white, and blue hexagon glitters! Not too shabby, right?
We're pretty sure no one will ever get tired of all the cute mason jar crafts you can create! It's only natural we would find a mason jar glitter craft made up of the good USA colors! Pretty perfect for BBQ table decor!
Balloons and glitter are pretty much a match made in heaven! We can just imagine keeping the kids busy with these glitter filled balloons! (Best used outside to keep the mess out of the house!)

We see a lot of glitter letter decorations year round, so it's very fitting to see them made just for Independence Day! ANY kind of glitter for can be used for this work of art! Hexagon, square, flitter, star, even powder glitters!

This is the perfect way to go for the classic manicure lover who wants to show some patriotic spirit! This classic french manicure turned USA glitter mani has blown us away!

So, what do you think of these 4th of July glitter projects? If you like what you see and want to recreate it, check out all the glitters you'll need here!

 We hope you have a fantastic holiday with your friends and family! Remember that we're not celebrating fireworks and parades, we're celebrating our freedom as a nation!